I am

I am from mom and dad,
From steak, fresh wok, and taco bell that ain’t bad.
I am from ships across the ocean, ships across the sea,
Anything that’s fun and fills me with glee.
I am from the woods,
Where me and my friends wear hoods.
I am from Irish, Italian and tall,
My grandparents call us ya’ll.
I am not anything like my brothers,
I act more like my mother.
I am Ike Gibbons, no I’m not mean,
And you know I keep myself clean.
I am creative, helpful, and I care,
If you want my sandwich, I’ll share.
I am not a straight A student, or a poet,
Even though I’m shy, I try not to show it.
I am happy almost all of the time,
I can’t get everything I want, and that’s fine.
I am pretty good at catching fish,
If he’s big enough, he’ll become a dish.
I am having fun in this class,
I hope to God that I’ll pass.

Summer Time

Summer is like an open field
You can do whatever you want
School is closed down and sealed
At the beach, my bathing suit, I begin to flaunt

The lake is a deep color of blue
Like a black hole in the sky
That lake is scary, I’ll swim in it dude
Everybody knows that I’m so fly

The wind in your hair, the sand in your toes,
At the beach we have a lot of fun
Everyone knows that anything goes
I lay on the beach, warm like the sun

We go on an adventure on my friends boat
The waves are battling against our craft
I really hope she stays a’float
We almost tipped, and no one laughed

And everyone knows about those summer nights
I spend so much time with my friends,
Staring downtown at all the lights
I hope this time never ends.