liberty-custardNovember 16, 2008 – Turtle Reading Series at Liberty Frozen Custard in Minneapolis

With our second issue we welcome the work of artists under the age of twenty. They are serious, whimsical, earnest, sly, dramatic and unpredictable. They are also sometimes shy, so we are grateful for their willingness to share their work with Turtle.

We have all overheard someone say, usually while viewing a piece of modern art, “Well, my 5 (or 10 or 1) year-old could do that,” to which we would like to reply, “Perhaps, but could the rest of us?” There is a fearless generosity to children’s art, a willingness to open the door and let the imagination take charge.

We wish our print version could have included all the submissions we received, but Turtle is young. As we grow and develop this website, we will always be a welcoming home for our young contributors.

Kate Mulloy, Assistant Editor