Get Some Smells

My eight year old son told me this morning
“I want to get to September Fest early
so I can get some smells, hear some sounds”
I said, “get some smells?” and he inhaled deeply
and said “yeah, I’m going to put them in a bag
and then just like a CD I’ll have them and be able
to open up the bag and smell the deliciousness”

Soon we will all be dead
but today we can still feel
the wind rush up our pants
we can taste coffee and hear
the clanging of the city and see
abstract art in dirty concrete walls.
We can get some smells and put them in a bag.

Then we will die and what then?
If God knows all, hears all and sees all
without ears and eyes and hands
and if we are God’s children
will we still smell perfume behind ears?
Still feel naked bellies rub against our own
even without having bellies?

I can’t imagine eternal life without feeling
the snuggle of your warm softness
in the early morning, feet on feet
nose buried in your hair.

Mr. Bumble Reads the Newspaper

Mr. Bumble loves to read the newspaper
mostly because he loves lounging

and being lazy, but also because
he is waiting for the revolution

morning after morning he scours the headlines
thinking this will be the day

but it never is
it’s always the same exact stories

so he pours another cup of coffee and opens up
a book of poems, the words infiltrating his body

becoming armies of change
this goes nicely with the sports and comics.


The way one patch of leaves
stands out
high in a tree
blessed with angle
of generous sun
and ruffle of soft blown breeze

this is the way my eyes
always find your face
everything surrounding
gray, lost from memory

the birds and I
forever singing praise.

Mr. Bumble on Magic

You might ask
does Mr. Bumble believe
in magic?

That depends on your definition

If magic explains the force
drawing him to soft-breasted women
then yes he does

When trees magically sprout
out of the ground and he sees
no end to a cloudless blue sky

When his skin changes color
sitting in the warm sun
or Italian food causes his mouth
to salivate, red wine turning
his tongue a deep dark red

Somehow the world keeps spinning
endless days and nights
and all the while his wife´s
sweet neck begs for kisses
he is sure of magic when orgasm
becomes their whole universe

Then there is the magic business
of oneness, eternity, infinity
souls haunting the earth
reincarnating into cows
reaching nirvana or simply
singing with the angels

Mr. Bumble believes in all
these things so when he dances
magic causes his limbs to move
and he can´t do anything about it.