The Thing

She said –she meant
meaning – she didn’t have to say
where – when – what
she meant

I say – the thing
which is perfectly clear
the thing is the thing
who can argue

Ways to communicate
her way – my way
the high and by
the wagons are circled

Who is going to crack
and understand – the thing

The Yard

Wrigley in back
the cottonwoods out front
both gone now
victims of time

My son grew
out of the backyard
his vision increased
each year with his age

The cottonwoods danced
in my daughter’s dreams
the tallest in the county
always threatening

My life
is my yard
ever changing
always threatening

the absence
is soon forgotten
by tomorrow’s yearnings.

The Big Winner

The Powerball Jackpot is 175 million dollars tonight
I kinda hope I win
people say it’ll change me
I don’t think so

I’ve always wanted the ass within to come out
the ass that says
I understand what people—like you—think.
you know—maybe you just don’t belong here

I’ll give half to the church
half to my favorite charity
half to the retired nuns’ fund
and the other half to help build a stadium

That still leaves me with a lot
enough to fix the transmission on my ’94 Oldsmobile
enough to buy my wife a new wardrobe
brand new—you know—not worn before

Sure—I’ll got to Vegas—piss some away
black jack—whores—liquor
wait—liquor is free in Vegas
and Bond always played roulette

Maybe I’d just buy that new Hummer
take up two parking places
every day—all the time
even when I’m home

Nah—I really shouldn’t have money
I wouldn’t know how to handle it
how to help the world—make a difference
I’d just buy more lottery tickets

And—a good box of wine
a double wide with a cyclone fence
pass the Swisher Sweets—baby
some people were meant to have money.