Making it is an investment in the future—
when you can spread the butter
on the warm inner naves of this cathedral—

and offer a slice to your daughter—
who says—“Yes!”—accepting it
without questions—as she is also playing

the piano—Bread—is always
a welcome interruption from nothing—
but your own life—and your own

going on—as you fill your gut—
and you think—it’s really a great
puffed up cumulus cloud—following

you in the blue sky above—there is
no ulterior motive to bread—other than—
growth—from the yeast—to the smile

of your daughter—to the breaking off
of the heel—which you love best—
the rounded end—the way—it comes around—

Tim Nolan lives in Minneapolis with his wife and three children and works as a lawyer. His poems have appeared in The Nation, Ploughshares, Poetry East, and other magazines. Garrison Keillor has read his poems on The Writer’s Almanac. His first book of poems, The Sound of It, was published by New Rivers Press in 2008, and was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Awards in poetry.