Summer 2009

"Bocce Ball," KNightfinart.com

"Bocce Ball," KNightfinart.com


Turtle Q&A Vincent Francoual

Food For Thought Lynne Rossetto Kasper


Laura Barbeau — Limes

Kit Night — Bocce Ball, Bourbon Street

Caitlin Nolan — Still Life

John Danicic — Bread

Jamie Milne Rojek — Italy, pasta


Tim Nolan — Bread

Joe Sadowski — Adrift

Katherine Hanson — Purple Pasta

Elizabeth Weir — She Slices Soft Pears

Jamie Milne Rojek — Venezia

Joyce Sutphen — Breakfast, Zucchini Bread, The Peaches

Kim Ode — Baker 1

Diane Jarvenpa — Grandmother’s Recipe

Connie Wanek — Garlic


Dave Healy — Lydia’s Garden

Jennifer Proe — Brand Loyalty Begins at Home

Nancy Burke Hupp — Food Flights


Vincent Francoual — Halibut, Scallops with Orange Sauce

Kim Ode — Simple White Bread

Letter from the Editor

We asked for food and what we got was nostalgia. We thought we would be political, but we ended up misty-eyed and hungry for that special meal, favorite ingredient and time to flip through cookbooks. This is our fourth issue and so far we have shared too little of ourselves with our readers (perhaps wisely). Finally the food issue has brought out our ego and so we share our three favorite cookbooks, ingredients and restaurants with you. Happy reading.

Regan Byrne Palmer, Editor
The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, Bon Appétit, Food Network Website
nutmeg, mustard, fennel
Le Lion d’Or (Amboise), Tapawingo (Michigan), Bustecca (Barberino Val d’Elsa)

Kate Mulloy, Assistant Editor
Any Pierre Franey, The Splendid Table, Cooking with Daniel Boulud
leeks, mushrooms, olives
Vincent’s, Daniel (New York),Ukrainian Restaurant (New York–for eggs/challah in the middle of the night)

Constance Turke, Turtlelit.Wordpress Editor
The Whole World Cookbook, Jacqueline Killeen; Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites; The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook, Rosso & Lukins
balsamic vinegar, tomato, garlic
Fuji-Ya on the River, Pronto Ristorante, The (old) New French Cafe.

Maeve Nolan, Intern

Claire Palmer, Intern

Benjamin Palmer, Intern