Turtle is always interested in hearing from kids, as in our fall issue of artists Under 20.  We like to keep them in the mix, so kicking off our Q&A feature is an interview with Naomi Hornstein, high school student, upon her return from attending the inauguration.

Q Where were you during the inauguration?
A I was on the Capitol lawn.

Q What did you think of President Obama’s speech?
A I think it was a really good speech. It wasn’t as much of a rally speech like a lot of his others, but it had a good message.

Q What was the best part of the day for you?
A The best part of the day was Obama’s speech.

Q What surprised you most about the day?
A What surprised me the most was the good spirits people were in.  For instance, on our subway we were jam packed in but people were really friendly and were singing and stuff.

Q When you think back on the event, what is your most vivid impression or memory?
A The event that is most vivid for me would be all the crowd’s expressions during his speech and just how many people were there.

Q Did this experience change your feelings about the government in any way?
A I remember feeling like I was proud of America which I wasn’t when Bush was president, like our image is being restored.