Oh Beautiful

Beyond spacious skies
Proclaimed so loud
I can read the singular headline
Without my glasses
From across the room
Through eyes still wet
From the night air
In Grant Park
Where we gathered
In that fruited plain
To celebrate
And were instead transformed.
Grace, abundant as the frost,
Shed on each face shining,
Hope holding every heart
Against cold and history,
Young, old, man, woman,
Black, white, amber, and purple,
On this night,
At this moment, knowing,
As we have never known,
We are the United States of America
Crowned in good with brotherhood, sisterhood,
And now trembling like stars,
Spangled in the radiance of your words,
Warmed by the clear generosity of your being.
Even more, on this night,
At this moment, recognizing
Our own true majesty
Reflected from sea to shining sea
In your pure, bright light,