Texting the Inauguration

M 01/20/09 1:04  pm
where are you guys standing?

N 01/20/09 1:05 pm
in the blue section ha-ha. it was on the lawn it’s hard to explain! i’ll show you a map when I get home

M 01/20/09 1:07 pm
Aah exciting!

N 01/20/09 1:08 pm
it was SO AMAZING!

M 01/20/09  1:10 pm
i bet! i didn’t go to school! Ha-ha i stayed home to watch it. were you pretty close?

N 01/20/09 1:12 pm
we were kinda close! Enough to kind of tell if MAYBE we could see barack as a tiny speck. Ha-ha not sure if it was him but there was a jumbotron tv