Loss Leader 1-3: St. Paul, August, 2008

I hope you’re right you excremental zealots,
you expellers of pellets and trackers of hides,
blameless anonymous in crêpe paper chaos and decadent pride,
going extinct beneath 10 gallon hats and 2 step snare beats,
so very pleased in 8 track memories and 1 track drawl.
please take these flags and gouge my eyes.
I have seen too much and my crutches are cracked.
my engines are idling, my pistons are primed,
my banners are brimming for the inevitable unfurl.
you bludgeon me senseless with your definite fist,
I am a wrinkle on the back of your ring finger knuckle.
I am sick of resisting your impossible propaganda.
hand me the keys and I will goosestep to freedom.
you’ve got the Kool Aid and I’ve got a mouth.
shut off this brain; I’m tired of it anyway

Loss Leader 2

concrete barriers erected to prohibit the anarchists
and protect the elected officials,
rusted chain link fences tall as summer corn,
barbed wire angled against the traffic flow
tangled with roses and hand painted protests
while the cathedral judges with a new copper hat
not yet green: it’s funny how some things rust,
like garbage cans and democracy.
no one talks about the combat zone, it’s just a TV show.
the plucky pundits and slingers of spin cast
cameras backward toward smiling mouths,
blowing banners, streaming streamers
and hackneyed music that makes you sick
anywhere outside a karaoke bar.
they do not mention the camouflaged soldiers,
their black oily machine guns slung casually
about their shoulders, black oily boots on the asphalt
deflecting cars south down the great seen-so-much Mississippi

this is what it will look like
when we turn on each other

Loss Leader 3

Loss leader: any article that a store sells cheaply or below cost in order to attract customers
Webster’s New World Dictionary

the man in front of the picket line
has drawn horns and a forked tail
on a giant photograph of our President,
screaming to the crowds through a megaphone,
democracy is a loss leader